Download SaaSBox as a NodeJS Starter Template for your next project.
altSaaSBox Complete
NodeJS/ExpressJS SaaS Template. Save $15K in developer costs, and ~6-8 weeks. Try out the free subscription as a demo.

Stripe plan management: Create, update, retire plans hassle-free. Let users upgrade / downgrade. Test free plans with / without credit card. Store your keys in AWS with AES encryption

Sign-up users via Twitter, Facebook, Google, and email.

User management: Manage user subscriptions, assign roles.

Sell downloadable products. Store products securely in your AWS S3 bucket.

Analytics. Track how your funnel performs via Facebook. Google analytics.

Manage your entire app through a single dashboard. Enable / disable features.

Bonus: NodeJS Crash Course: 28 free video guides that teach Node/ExpressJS from scratch

Bonus #2: Get a free SaaS blog, build up SEO visibility, get traffic from the SaaSBox blog community.

Price: 1490 USD