Create Your Landing Page with a Simple Form

Modify value proposition as frequently and quickly as needed.

Form-based page makes easier to iterate on your copy.

Subscription Management via Stripe

Create, update, retire plans hassle-free using a simple form. Test free plans with / without credit card.

Users can upgrade / downgrade / cancel their plans.

Sign up users via Social Networks

Sign up users via Twitter, Facebook, Google, email.

Acquire users faster with 1-click sign up with already confirmed emails.

Create features page with mini demo videos

Communicate your value stronger demonstrating features with mini-videos

Rapidly iterate on feature communication. Edit feature list faster using a form


Track how your funnel performs via Facebook

Track lead signup, user sign up, purchase intent & more.

Upload your own html template.

Customize the appearance. Make SaaSBox your own.

Copy paste html, drag and drop CSS/JS assets