What to expect when you work with us to launch your SaaS

Team SaaSBox


You have checked our website and decided to give it a shot for your SaaS. What does the process look like?

The moments after your sign up: You get the basic functionality required in every SaaS that takes weeks to develop:

  • A working SaaS admin panel where you can manage everything about your SaaS.

  • User log in, sign up, password reset pages working from the start.

  • An empty dashboard area for the user.

  • (Billing is also minutes away, but new users set it up usually much later near their launch).

Day 1: Video call with us where we go through your SaaS use case. Within the first 24 hours we share with you the plan for developing your SaaS.

Day 2: Your domain is set up at https://app.yourdomain.com. Your frontend template is pushed to your github account where changes trigger deploys to your frontend files (web pages). For this you need to invite @teamsaasbox to the new repo in your github organization as an admin.

Day 3 - 5: Low fidelity mock ups for your application are shared, based on the initial discussion. (This is deliberately low-fi, to ensure the main points about your SaaS are determined.)

An example mock up shared with the founder of a new SaaS

Week 1: The first application page is delivered with a corresponding backend set up.

Week 4: Your application’s is ready with up to 5 pages of application functionality at low to medium complexity.

A sample page from Week 4 - an application onboarding that was delivered after low-fi prototypes.

Week 6: Your application is ready to launch, where we onboard the first few test users to kick tires. The product iteration process starts. We ask you to start a subscription based on your demand of our service. The service includes complete technical ownership of your SaaS, including, hosting, maintenance, bug fixing, and feature development. Check our pricing page for details on service levels.

Typical plans fall into the following categories:

  • Solo: For a solo founder who needs to use the service for a while until revenue starts. We provide bug fixes, some new features, and make sure the service is up and running at all times. We roll out frequent updates.

  • Team: We deliver custom features per quarter. Includes 2 to 5 day turnaround on bug fixes.

  • Team VIP: We continue to contribute custom features to your SaaS on a monthly basis. Includes 2-day turnaround for bug fixes. This is the best, completely hands-off plan where you can fully focus on customers, marketing and other work about your business.

  • Enterprise: Same as the VIP service except comes with additional SLA guarantees such as %99.95 uptime, multiple applications, test application instance, report detailing security measures (we are not SOC2 compliant, though we do take security seriously. We have security controls and documentation in place that gets regularly evaluated). 1 hour response time on issues and outages.

    It is always possible to set up a tier in-between if your needs are not addressed by any of the plans.

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