The SaaS platform for non-technical founders

SaaSBox is all in one software for building dashboard based SaaS products and custom client portals. With its turnkey essentials, it saves 10 weeks from zero to launch. Using our fully managed service, run your SaaS without hiring a technical team.

Focus on your core business as we handle the technical part.

SaaSBox's turnkey package accelerates your SaaS development by 10 weeks, providing day 1 setup of subscription management, user sign-up, account management, admin dashboards, and your landing page.

In 6 weeks, we craft your custom SaaS application from start to finish, covering user onboarding, UI/UX, and the backend. As your technical partner, we manage your SaaS, saving you the need to hire 2 engineers monthly, at a fraction of the cost.


We build and deliver your user dashboard with custom functionality

The service includes UI/UX and backend development.

Delivery in 6 weeks.

SaaSBox turnkey functionality

Turnkey features that work out of the box.

Manage subscriptions without manual work

SaaSBox comes with built-in Stripe checkout and billing portal, eliminating the need for integration. It automates tasks like migrating customers between plans and syncing your pricing page to reflect price changes.
Create, edit, launch plans on your pricing page without code.
Users can see their plans, change them, or download invoices.
Stripe Checkout and Billing portal built in.
Your users can manage their subscriptions and change their plans.

User login/signup functions that work out of the box.

No integration required.
Built-in email login & signup
Password reset flows and emails.
Built-in social login
Log in users via Twitter, Facebook, Google, Linkedin.
Manage Users
See your active users on a daily basis through an admin dashboard.

Dashboard to administer your SaaS

SaaS Admin Dashboard
Fully functional Admin Dashboard to set up your SaaS, and manage your active users.

Hosting for SaaS Marketing Pages

Publish your landing page, features page and other marketing pages you need. Benefit from the simplicity of a single publishing tool for all SaaS pages.
All user facing pages hosted in one place.
Hosting all your pages in one place has benefits:

A simpler publish flow, and one tool to host everything.

A holistic website design experience where you use a single theme across all your SaaS pages.

Edit SaaS Pages right within Github
Use Github's Visual Studio Code to edit your pages from any browser. Changes are published in seconds.
Ready-to-use SaaS templates for Inspiration & Solutions
Instantly import or share your own SaaS templates with the community. The templates are work in progress.

Technical partnership that saves the cost & hassle of managing a dev team.


All plans include fully managed services with 99.5% uptime guarantees, 2-day turnaround for bug fixes, quarterly roadmap features, and small custom features. It is a comprehensive technical partnership, sparing you the need to hire an in-house development team.

Let's get your SaaS launched today.

Our full-stack engineers will assist you in your launch on the VIP plan.

Risk-free offer: Start paying only after your SaaS is live!

Get Started

Launch Your SaaS in 4 Easy Steps

1. Start with a pre-integrated
SaaS Frontend template
or import any design
and customize.
2. Customize your application portal
Customize the portal for your users
Free Full-stack engineer assigned for activation.
3. Create
Stripe Plans
No need to touch your database or html.
Fill out a form to create/manage Stripe plans.
4. You're in
Start serving users. User login &
sign up works out of the box.