All the plumbing you need to launch a SaaS fast

SaaSBox takes care of Stripe subscriptions, user management, dashboards so you don't have to. Just interface with your backend and launch. Creating a SaaS is easier than ever.

Launch Your SaaS in 4 Easy Steps

1. Customize
the Frontend
Import any design
or use one of our ready-made templates.
2. Connect Your API Backend
Connect the user dashboard
to your API server. Works with any API, any language framework.
3. Create
No need to touch your database or html.
Fill out a form to create/update Stripe plans.
4. You're in
Start serving users. SaaSBox includes
user login & sign up.

Focus On Your Core Differentiator

A lot of plumbing is needed for starting a SaaS business today, in addition to the actual software that does the job. Creating Stripe plans, signing users in, password reset flows, upgrade/downgrades, invoice downloads, user dashboards, marketing pages and more.

We host this base feature set pre-integrated so you can launch about 6 weeks earlier, and for $15,000 cheaper. Just customize the frontend and connect SaaSBox to your favorite backend framework. Enjoy automated upgrades and the ready-to-scale SaaSBox platform.
Bahadir Balban
Maker of SaasBox, Computer Systems / Software Architect

Case Study:

1200 lines of code
1 database table
4 man-weeks
Imagefix is a service that optimizes PNG/JPEG images in AWS S3 buckets. With SaaSBox, it took a total of 1200 lines of NodeJS code and 4 man-weeks of work to launch. Imagefix consists of a Serverless function and API server. It became a SaaS quickly using the plumbing provided by SaaSBox.

Skip implementing a billing system over Stripe

Create Plans Without Code
Create Stripe plans filling out a form. This lets you iterate on your pricing fast, without touching your database, Stripe, or your pricing page.
Integrated Pricing Page
Plan updates immediately reflect on your pricing page.
Let users manage their subscriptions
Let users upgrade / downgrade / cancel plans
Invoice downloads
Skip invoice support requests by providing an invoice page.
Built-in checkout page
Secure key storage
Stripe keys securely stored with 256-bit AES encryption.

Skip implementing user login

SaaSBox handles login / sign up and user management.
Built-in email login & signup
Password reset flows and emails are worked out.
Built-in social login
Log in users via Twitter, Facebook Google. Sign up users smoothly.
Manage Users
See your active users on a daily basis through an admin dashboard.

Dashboards for you and your users

Admin Dashboard
Single place to manage everything relevant about your application and business.
User Dashboard
User dashboard that connects to your API Server. Customize or replace with your single-page application.

Skip Using a Separate CMS for Basic Marketing Pages

SaaSBox fills the need for common SaaS pages found in every SaaS.
Start Quickly with Common SaaS Pages
Quickly put together the landing, features,
pricing, login, sign up pages found in every SaaS.
Works with any front-end
Import any design from other page builders.
Iterate fast on marketing copy.
E.g. Update landing page title & above the fold areas filling out a form.
CDN, SEO, Image optimization
High performance hosting of the
few SaaS marketing pages you need.
Pre-built templates
Use pre-built SaaS templates for a quick start.

Save up to $600 every month post-launch

Save from paying for SaaS subscriptions using the SaaSBox bundle. Check out our basic breakdown on the right.
Get Started
A Basic CMS: $29
Subscription Management Software: $299
Auth provider: $199 - $499
Image Optimizer: $79
There is more.