SaaSBox supports Stripe subscriptions, selling digital products, social sign up, landing pages out of the box.

Landing Page & Collect Leads
Create Landing Pages
Create Pricing Plans
Stripe Subscriptions
Social User Sign up
Social User Signup

Bahadir Balban

Maker of SaaSBoxComputer Systems / SW Architect

I built SaaSBox out of my own need on previous projects. Each time I needed a user sign up flow including social networks, it took a developer at least 2 weeks to get anything working.

Stripe integration wasn't enough on early projects. Frequent price and plan changes were often a pain, requiring a lot of editing by-hand of the page html, database, and making sure Stripe was in sync. I thought I'd start by making these two easy. Growing a love for ExpressJS and backend tech I am on a journey to add lots of tech goodies that will help entrepreneurs and SaaS founders.

SaaS Template

NodeJS SaaS template for web developers, technical founders.

NodeJS Template

Complete ExpressJS source code you can use in your project.

Stripe Integration

Create Stripe plans and digital products. Update features and price from a single place, updates sync with Stripe.

Social Login

Sign up users via Twitter, Facebook, Google, and email.

Create Landing Pages

Create a landing page to sign up leads. Embed Youtube demo video.

Collect Leads

Save leads and send them to Mailchimp. Future: Auto-tag and create email sequences.

Facebook Funnel

Test Facebook ad performance tracking lead sign up, user sign up, purchases and more.

Google Analytics

Enable Google Analytics with a copy & paste.

One Dashboard for Everything

Every feature is form-based to help you quickly update and iterate from a single place.

SaaS Hosting

Fully Managed Hosting for non-programmer entrepreneurs.

Scalable Backend

SaaSBox has backend plans leveraging PostgreSQL, Redis, Load Balancer and NodeJS Apps. Skip hosting and backend design, focus on product validation.

Automatic Updates

Get updates and new features on your template. If you use our hosting, we push updates to your instance and you will get new features each month.

HTTPS Certificate

HTTPS certificate issued and renewed via LetsEncrypt.

CDN Enabled

Your public files are stored and served via Cloudfront.

Secure File Storage

You can upload and sell downloadable products to your customers.

Almost No Setup

You can get your backend ready in minutes. All you need is a domain to point at your server. After that follow the guides inside to enable more.